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Arie Thomas

I had a wonderful time with Ingrid as my kraamverzorgster. The idea of having a nurse for a week to help me and the baby recover and adjust to one another was foreign to me, as there is no equivalent in the United States. But I was so happy to have Ingrid with me for that first week! Ingrid came into our home (after spraining her ankle outside our front door!) and was an immediate positive force. She gave me the confidence I needed to take care of a newborn and I bonded with her well. Honestly, it was so hard to say goodbye and I still get a bit sad when I think that Ingrid is no longer in our lives! I was so grateful to have her at my front door every morning. Ingrid taught me and my husband everything we needed to know about caring for little Arie, when to be a little hard on him with feedings, proper sleep and bath routines, etc. We are lucky to have had Ingrid help us through Arie’s first week of life. We miss you, Ingrid!