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Regiopagina Marieke

Your very own maternity nurse!

KraamZus guarantees that you’ll have just one maternity nurse for the period following childbirth (only in extreme circumstances, e.g. your maternity nurse is ill, we will swap nurses). The maternity nurse is there for you and your family. She’ll also take care of other family members and household chores. Day-to-day matters can be taken care of. This gives you time to rest following the pregnancy and to recover from your exertions. The maternity nurse will give you plenty of tips and advice about feeding and caring for your baby, and you’ll be able to ask her all your questions about the birth and early motherhood. Most importantly of all, she’ll ensure that you’re able to care for your child with total confidence once it’s time for her to leave.

Our benefits…

  • one maternity nurse for the period following childbirth
  • care for you, your family and your household
  • certified, enthusiastic and experienced maternity nurses who are particularly motivated
  • to making the period following childbirth a very special time for you
  • all our maternity nurses are certified Dunstan Baby Language instructors and will help
  • you understand your child
  • professional assistance with breastfeeding or bottle feeding
  • personal introduction focussing on your needs and wishes
  • excellent contact with your midwife
  • English, German and French speaking maternity nurses also available