Our Maternity Care

Homebirth Assistance

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Our maternity nurse will be present to assist the midwife with a homebirth. However, the maternity nurse is principally there to support you and your partner. Maternity nurses have experience assisting with childbirth. You can ask your maternity nurse to come to you at an early stage of the birth for support and assistance. She’ll be able to help you with your breathing, explain various birthing positions and try to ease any pain using massage techniques. It can also be particularly reassuring for your partner to have someone close at hand with experience of assisting mothers-to-be with their contractions. This is referred to as Early-Stage Birthing Assistance Discuss this option with your midwife. This is how we help you enter childbirth in an as relaxed and calm state as possible.

Hospital Birth

If you give birth in a hospital, then you can contact us as soon as it has been made known when you and your baby will be discharged. We’ll arrange for your maternity nurse to be there when you get home.